Author Guidelines

Authors Guidelines

1-   Research Submission

Authors should submit their Researches electronically through the Journal website submission system to the Editorial Office.

2- Research Alignment

Research, where appropriate, should contain these sections in the order: Title, Author(s) (Name, affiliation, phone number, and email), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Theory, Discussion, Results and Conclusions, Acknowledgments (if any), References, and Appendix (if any). The research may consist of text, equations, symbols, figures, tables, line-drawings, and photographs.

 3- Research Template

I- The research presented (whether in Arabic or English language) should be printed on standard formats with single spaces, leaving margins 2.5cm from the four sides. Letter size 14 (Bold) for the for the author’s name, article title and headlines (Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, and References). The body of the research parts, use letter size 12 (not Bold). The research should be typed in Microsoft word program using the theme fonts Times New Roman.

II- The abstract of the research should be comprehensive and has to be written in both Arabic and English languages, each in a separate page (not exceeding 250 words for each), and including the keywords in the footnote of the abstract. Author(s) should mention if the paper is part of an MA. thesis or a Ph. D dissertation as follows:

(*Part of MA thesis of the first author).

(*Part of Ph. D dissertation of the first author).

 III- Photographs (when used) should be printed with title of the picture, number and data underneath.

 IV- Tables and figures should be clear and placed in the text when referring to it (the main title of the table using letter size 14 Bold and the table content using letter size 12 with no Bold and colors).

V- The references are arranged according to the alphabetical sequence (A, B, C…..). The Arabic references have to be written first and taken all a sequent numbers 1, 2, 3…… etc.  in the references list. Author(s) have to include the numbers of all references in the research according to their sequence in the references list.