The Dramatic Significance of Supernatural Elements in An-Naml Surah: The story of Prophet Solomon

  • Hassan Muhammad Hussein .


There is no doubt that the Holy Quran has reached perfection in the full sense of the word and there is no need for a researcher to spend much time to discover this perfection and greatness. This paper is an attempt  to explore some of this greatness by shedding light on the artistic elements in the style of the Quran in narrating the story of Prophet Solomon and to explore the dramatic value of the story and the roles that the supernatural elements introduced in the story convey dramatically. 

      The paper could implicate five sections; though it is not formally divided into sections , the first serves as an introduction. It clarifies the objective of the paper and its sections and explores the meaning of the key terms in the study. The second section will discuss the structural significance of the supernatural elements and show how they are important to build the overall framework of the whole story. The third is devoted to discussing the thematic significance of the supernatural elements. The fourth section deals with the characterization. It attempts to avail the development of main characters; supernatural or natural. Eventually, the fifth is a conclusion that sums up the findings of the study.


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