Cinematography in the contemporary novel with the technique of description, The novel Jassim and Julia by Zaid the Martyr is an example

  • أ.م.د واثق الحسناوي
Keywords: Cinematography, the contemporary novel, the technique of description.


The success of working in cinematography is the most important thing that can be expected of the new novel, as a large number of writers in the world have diversified, and for this reason or resistance, including Balzac the Great, which employed the descriptive element, its motives and types, to be like the lens of a camera that makes the recipient watch the showing of a cinematic film. Because of its ability, talent, and creativity in exploiting aerial and rhetorical images and verbal enhancements, to bring reality closer to reality with the smallest details, all the way to convincing readers that the cinematic narrative language presented to them through the lens of real photography and documentation;

            What creates a collusion between the writer and the recipient to believe what is narrated and treat it as reality, and this is what many writers are asked by their readers: Is what was written from their real daily experiences or is it the product of their ideas? Given what the novel “Jassem and Julia” is filled with   By the Iraqi novelist Zaid Al-Shahid,   from Cinematic Depictions Through the Technology of Description. We tried to address these film scenes according to our limited point of view, and to analyze them after we divided our research into two sections: the first of which dealt with an introductory overview of cinematography and descriptive photography and the difference between them. The second section was an analysis of some of the descriptive film scenes that our lens observed, followed by the findings of the study, then a list of sources and references. God is the best of success.


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