Cyberchondria among clinic patients outpatients in hospitals

  • م.د زينة نزار
  • آلاء جاسم
Keywords: Cyberchondria , among clinic patients, outpatients in hospitals


associated with technological development, as a person suffers from excessive searching for a very long period of time on the Internet, which may result in some effects on the psychological state and negative feelings on the soul. The current research also aims to identify cyberchondria among patients attending outpatient clinics in hospitals and the significance of the differences between individuals according to the variables of gender (males, females) and educational qualification (high school and above, middle school and below). To achieve the goals, the two researchers adopted the Starcevic & Berle scale Starcevic & )Berle, 2013, translated by Al-Baydani (2022),which consists of 28 items. The psychometric properties of validity and reliability were extracted using appropriate statistical methods, according to the descriptive approach. The current research was limited to visitors to outpatient clinics in hospitals. Accordingly, the two researchers sought to apply the scale to a purposive sample of visitors to Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital, with100(50) visitors and  males and(50) females. The results of the current research showed that visitors to outpatient clinics in hospitals have cyberchondria and may The research came out with a set of recommendations and proposals .


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